JobyX 0.99.3 alpha

If you've been to FICS or DNCS, you've probably noticed the robots they run to automate various tasks. On FICS, you've got mamer, the tourney bot; FicsTeamBot, a team game organizer; VoteBot, a public opinion poll manager; and a few others. On DNCS, there's just Joby, the tourney manager, public opinion poll manager, and administrative assistant.

JobyX was created to ease the development of these robots. By employing its module system, you can pack as many features into one bot as you want, simply by loading a few modules. Or, you can run a few copies of JobyX, each time loading a different module, thus running a few different bot accounts, each with its own specific function.

Want to run a team game organizer? Just insert the TeamBot module and watch JobyX go to work. Or insert the Vote module and run a poll manager. Better yet, insert both and use both functions from the same bot!

Basically, JobyX is an ICS bot framework, complete with commands, lists, variables, and avariables, each with automatic name completion. Designed under Perl, it is also cross-platform, and has been successfully run on Linux and Windows.

Instead of crashing when a module malfunctions, JobyX will send you a server message indicating which command of which module terminated. If JobyX detects a Perl warning, it will send you a tell (which you may or may not get depending whether or not you are online).

Before you download JobyX, please make sure you have:

If you want a preview of JobyX, telnet to The aforementioned Joby is running JobyX, along with a Tourney module.

To download JobyX, visit the SourceForge project page. A few modules are available as well. If you write a really cool module and want to share it with others, send it to the developer for possible inclusion with JobyX, or you can publish it as a separate SourceForge project.

View the JobyX Module Reference/Manual. Logo

The developer is looking for someone who would like to maintain this website. More information is available at the SourceForge project page.